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Wedding and Reception Childcare

Let you and your guests enjoy your wedding child-free; you provide the room; we provide the fun!
We don't sit; we play! ®
Hiring our professional childcare service for your wedding will:
  1. Let you have an “Adults-only” and/or “Kid-friendly” wedding/reception/rehearsal
  2. Really help out-of-town guests who may not have access to childcare
  3. Be a great “thank you!” so your bridal party can enjoy the event child-free
  4. Increase attendance of those with children because they have the option of childcare
  5. Alleviate any problems, such as a crying, bored, tired, or hungry child, and
  6. Enable you and your guests to relax and enjoy your event without having to worry about the children
  7. We provide on-site childcare at your wedding venue or at the parents’ hotel
  8. On the day of the wedding, we work directly with the wedding coordinator or the venue—we got this!

Have a kid-friendly reception

We make your wedding day less stressful by creating an environment where the children can have their own “Wedding Time Party.” We provide board games and arts and crafts, as well as bring toys and play games (treasure hunts, lawn bowling, Frisbee golf, e.g.), to create a fun atmosphere for the kids. We design the kids' activities to meet the needs and ages of the children attending with age appropriate activities and toys.

We provide a check in and out of the kids’ room so that the parents will have the utmost confidence in their safety and security.

Wedding and Reception Childcare
What You Get from Destination Sitters

Planning a child-free wedding or reception may mean some guests won’t be able to be there for your special day unless you provide wedding childcare for their children. Also, it can be incredibly meaningful for children special to you to be a part of the wedding ceremony, such as a niece or nephew or your own children. Perhaps they may walk down the aisle with you or carry the rings. All this means that you might not want to completely keep the little ones off your guest list. However, you can let them have their own Wedding Time Party by hiring the wedding babysitting service of Destination Sitters.

Destination Sitters helps make your wedding day memorable for you, your guests, and their children by offering reliable childcare for weddings. Our experienced and qualified professionals come to your wedding venue or to your guests’ hotel and create a perfect, fun environment for little ones during your wedding, reception, or rehearsal dinner. We bring toys and games to create a separate fun zone for kids, so that their parents can enjoy the wedding without worrying about their children. Apart from that, we plan age-appropriate activities to make sure that kids focus on having fun, rather than looking for their parents.

We provide wedding childcare to any number of children. Professionals at Destination Sitters ensure that kids have a day to remember while their parents have a good time at the wedding.

We can discuss your requirements in detail and include them in our wedding babysitting service. We examine the venue and figure out how to create a safe play zone for kids, there or in a separate room.

Each of our packages of childcare for weddings is unique and custom-developed to meet the requirements of our customers. Whether your guest list includes parents with kids or with babies, we have specialized wedding childcare services to suit your needs. If you have a theme, we can personalize our services according to it.

Our wedding childcare services can also be hired for individual babysitters and nannies for private sits. If your guests are coming from other cities and staying at hotels, we have specialized services for them, too. Our childcare experts travel to your guests’ hotel rooms or accommodations to offer their services according to each families’ needs, whether it’s special needs, food allergies, or behavioural concerns. Our experienced professionals stay there as long as desired to look after the children and babies.

At Destination Sitters, our aim is to let you, your guests, and their children enjoy the special day. When you hire us for our childcare for weddings services, we handle everything related to children at the wedding and give you and parents Peace of Mind®.

If you have any questions or suggestion for us regarding our services, please feel free to share them with us!

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Features & Benefits

We know (also from personal experience) how hard it is to leave your children with a childcare provider, so we’ve made sure to give parents peace of mind® with Destination Sitters’ standards!


Our sitters bring a bag of toys, games, and books for the children’s entertainment.

Background Checked

Every sitter is background checked.

Reference Checked

All of our sitters are interviewed and reference checked personal and professional.

Drug Tested

Drug testing is part of our prescreening process.


We don't sit, we play!


First Aid Certified

Our baby sitters are all First Aid Certified.

CPR Certified

All of our babysitters are CPR Certified.

Multilingual *

Upon request, we have sitters who can care for families of children who speak other languages.

Special Needs *

We have sitters who can care for children with special needs.

* Please let us know of any special considerations for your child at the time of booking.

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