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Babysitters Rates by City

What are Destination Sitters Babysitter Rates by city?

Most families traveling with their children do not want to spend their time on vacation interviewing, checking references and screening potential babysitters. They would rather call our service who does the leg work for them.

Destination Sitters fills the gap with prescreened fully vetted sitters to give parents peace of mind when traveling with their kids. Those families want to enjoy a date night, use the spa or just an extra set of hands in a theme park with their call us for assistance. We consider a lot of factors when determining a good fit for your sitter. The dates, times, how many hours requested, multiple days, hotel’s location, child(ren)’s ages, and more. It also important to set competitive babysitter rates and offer a living wage to attract the most professional childcare providers to sure you get the best of the best.

Babysitter Rates

The chart below shows babysitter rates by city and location:
Location 1 Child 2 Child 3 Child 4 Child
Phoenix, AZ $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Los Angeles County, CA $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Orange County, CA $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
San Diego County, CA $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
San Francisco, CA $40.00 $40.00 $45.00 $45.00
Santa Barbara, CA $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Palm Springs, CA $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Orlando, FL $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Miami, FL $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Tampa, FL $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Atlanta, GA $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Honolulu, HI $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Chicago, IL $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
New Orleans, LA $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Las Vegas, NV $40.00 $40.00 $45.00 $45.00
Nashville, TN $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Dallas, TX $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Houston, TX $32.00 $35.00 $38.00 $41.00
Seattle, WA $40.00 $40.00 $45.00 $45.00
* More than 4 children? - Call us at (888) SIT-KIDZ.
Major Credit Cards Accepted:


Between midnight and 8am:
+$10 per hour
In excess of 8 total hours:
+$10 per hour
Time & Half Rate:
Easter Day, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day
Double Rate:
Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day to Jan. 2 until 6 a.m.
* All holiday sit reservations must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.
  • All sits will be charged at least a four-hour minimum.
  • Your location may have additional fees, such as parking fees.
  • Babysitters will be paid by credit card on file.
  • In order to cancel a sit reservation, you must speak to a live person.
  • Please read our Cancellation Policy

Factors to consider with babysitting rates:

Number of children: As parents know more children more work, especially with multiple ages.
Long request more than 8+ hours: increase compensation for sitter’s time.
Large Metropolitan cities: Rates are higher due to the cost of living.
Vetted process: we have done the homework for you.

All sitters

  • are background checked and drug tested
  • have provided First Aid & CPR certifications.
  • have professional and personal references fully and thoroughly checked.
  • are graduate and undergraduate students, professional women, moms and grandmoms.
  • average between 22-28 years old, though we also have older sitters (minimum age is 18)
Many bi-lingual sitters are available (over half a dozen languages are represented)
Sitters for families of children with special needs are available also.
Our sitters arrive in Destination Sitters’ polo shirt, photo ID tags and with age-appropriate games, toys, activities and books. They always check in & out with the concierge or front desk.

Additional Expenses:

Your location may have additional fees, such as parking fees which are charged by the hotel and added to your room bill. Some cities have taxi fares instead of being for the sitter’s parking fees which are less expensive than the parking fees.
We try not to charge a travel fee for sitter’s gas and time but if a local sitter is not available during the dates and times request. We will try to find a sitter who is not in the local area who will accept the request. It will be your choice whether to accept the travel fee for her gas and time or be placed on the wait list.

Babysitting Service Locations & Rates

New Locations Coming Soon
  • Colorado
  • Denver
  • District of Columbia
  • Washington
  • Massachusetts
  • Boston
  • New York
  • New York
Please contact us if your location is not listed above. We can provide a travel team or sitter.

Professional Sitting Services

Destination Sitters, LLC is a superior babysitting referral service for traveling parents. We currently service 19 US locations - 5k + of the best hotels, wedding and event planners use us.
Services we offer:
Hotel Babysitting or Pet Sitting: our sitters come directly to your hotel, vacation rental, Airbnb.
Wedding Childcare: stress-free reception, adult only, or help out your out-of-town guests.
Event Childcare: Increase your attendance? Offer a childcare option to attendees.

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