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While you’re on vacation why not treat your dog to one as well? Our friendly dog sitters will do everything we can to ensure that your dog feels at home when away from home.

Why choose Destination Sitters’ Pet Sitting Service?

Pet owners choose Destination Sitters for their travel needs because we will come directly to your hotel room and we can match your pet’s regular routine, while you are travelling for business or pleasure. In the absence of their familiar surroundings, sounds and smells, we will take care of their needs, reassuring you that your dog will be fed, walked, and provided with loving, valuable companionship. Belly rubs included!

How do I make a reservation?

You can schedule on-line or call 888-748-5439. After booking, you will receive an email confirmation letting you know the specific sitter who will be caring for your pet. The confirmation will include the sitter's profile and information confirming your hotel, hotel’s address, date(s), and time(s) of your pet sitting request. Since many hotels have multiple properties in each area in which we provide services, you should review your sit confirmation to ensure that the correct hotel is listed and that all other information is correct (dates, times, etc.). We want to send the sitter to the correct location on the correct day and time!)

Do we take last minute requests?

We are happy to accommodate last minute pet sitting requests when possible. All requests made with fewer than 24-hours’ notice must be by calling the office directly 888-748-5439.

How do I pay for the petting service?

Please provide a credit card at the time of the reservation to hold your reservation. Then the card on file will be charged daily for the pet sitting service, or, in most cities, the sitter can be paid in cash at the end of each day’s service. The sitter will have you sign a receipt confirming the sitters’ total hours and any reimbursable expenses (e.g., at some hotels, the sitter’s parking). We will email you a copy the following day.

What areas do you service and what your rates?

Destination Sitters has national service areas for your convenience.

We are referred by over 1,400 of the finest hotels, event & wedding planners, convention venues, destination management companies, military balls & deployments, and other organizations that trust us to provide pet sitting for their needs. We give Peace of Mind® with our trusted standards and professionalism while you are traveling.

Our rates are the same whether it’s children or your fur babies. See our rate page for details.

May I tip my pet sitters?

We regularly get the question: what about tipping the sitters? If the sitters did a great job and you want to show your appreciation, please feel free to tip! The babysitter greatly appreciates a tip, but tipping is at your discretion. Most families tip between $10 to $20 on an average sit, more if longer hours or multiple day sits.

What is your cancellation policy?

Confirmed sits must be cancelled in advance or a cancellation fee will be charged.

Destination Sitters pet sitting requests must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the reserved babysitting time or a 4-hour minimum charge at the confirmed hourly rate will be charged.

For two, three or more multi-day sits, a 4-hour minimum charge at the confirmed hourly rate will be charged for each day that sits have been booked, unless the sits are cancelled the same number of days in advance. So, for example, if you have booked a hotel babysitter for two days, that sit of two days must be cancelled at least 48 hours before the reserved sit time or two 4-hour minimum charges (i.e., eight hours – one 4-hour charge for each of the two booked days) at the confirmed hourly rate will be charged. Sits of three days must be cancelled at least 72 hours before the reserved sit time or three 4-hour minimum charges (i.e., twelve hours – one 4-hour charge for each of the three booked days) at the confirmed hourly rate will be charged; four days, four days in advance of the reserved sit time or four, 4-hour minimum charges (16 hours) at the confirmed hourly rate will be charged.

For sits longer than two days and for more than 4 hours each day, at a minimum, the above policy shall apply, however, please contact the office to see if an additional cancellation policy could apply to your sit.

Holiday cancelation notice is 48 to 72 hours in advance depending on the holiday.

If I have questions, is there a contact?

Absolutely, you can contact us by phone or email:

  • Office hours 9:00am – 6pm, 7 days a week
  • A live 24-hour answering service outside of business hours
  • A Destination Sitters agent on call after hours for questions regarding only confirmed bookings.


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