Paper Mache Snowman

Paper Mache Snowman creating with paper mache is fun, fairly easy, but can be messy! 

Blow up two balloons (or three) to make the body of the snowman.  The smoothest paper mache can be made by boiling one cup of flour mixed with four cups of water.  Stir a lot and as soon as it thickens, take it off the flame and pour into a bowl.  Add several ice cubes and continue stirring.  If you want to make it cold, just use the same amount of flour and water and stir-it won’t be as smooth, but it will also work! 

Dip strips of newspaper into the paper mache mix and lay across the balloons.  Tape the balloons together with masking tape.  Let them harden overnight. 

Make more paper mache the next day and cover the balloons with a second layer-either more newspaper or strips of white copy paper (white because snowmen are white-if you use newspaper again, you’ll need to paint the dried layer white). 

After the second layer dries, you can paint the snowman or decorate by cutting up construction paper.  You can make a nose by creating a construction paper cone, for example.  You can also use construction paper to make a stove top hat (cut a circle out by tracing a circular object (a DVD, e.g.) and tape a cone on top).  Add eyes, a mouth and buttons and there is a snowman that will last all winter!

Paper mache snowman are a fun and easy way to make holiday decorations. It’s a great way to recycle newspaper. If you like you can fill them with candy and turn it into a piñata. Be creative with your individual snowman you can even create a family of snow people to enjoy for years to come.

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