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Halloween Pumpkin Craving Contest

Destination Sitters Pumpkin Carving Contest

Our Halloween Pumpkin carving contest is a fun way to win money. So, carve out some time to join in the fun!

The key to winning our pumpkin carving contest is coming up with a creative idea. You need your pumpkin to stand out from the rest, think beyond the eyes, nose, and mouth that our judges will probably see multiple times.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest
  1. Read the Rules thoroughly
  2. Get creative with your design
  3. Pick the right pumpkin
  4. Prepare your pumpkin for carving
  5. Choose the right tools
  6. Remove the seeds
  7. Carve your pattern
  8. Preserve your pumpkin
  9. Take Great Pictures
  10. Most of all post them with the hashtag #destinationsitters
Pumpkin Carving Contest Rules
Pumpkin Carving Contest Rules

Check out NASA’s Pumpkin carving contest, talk about out of this world!

Did you pick a great pumpkin? Do you have a photo of it? Did you submit your design to the contest?

Be careful with age-appropriate sharp tools. Younger kids can scoop out seeds and trace stencils while you actually cut the pumpkin.

All entries will be fun and entertaining. Enter by October 29th! We are ready to cut straight to the heart of this Halloween season contest!

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