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We Played at the NFL Pro Bowl 2019 Event Childcare!

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NFL Pro Bowl Event Childcare 2019 by Destination Sitters

We, at Destination Sitters were beyond excited when we found out that we were going to be providing the childcare for the NFL Pro Bowl again this year.  It has been an incredible experience in the past, and this year was better than ever before!  Amazing group of kids, incredible set up, outstanding teams – you couldn’t ask for more!

Throughout the NFL Pro Bowl, we had about 60 kids visit join Destination Sitters for childcare.  We set up one room for younger kids, and one for teens, and both rooms were busy from start to finish! Between the two rooms, we consistently had a group of 15-20 kids all day.

The kid’s lounge for the younger kids had almost every interactive toy and play option you could dream of – dress up, board games, coloring stations, play kitchens, ball pits, and more. The play options were endless! We were amazed at the kid’s creativity and how well they all got along.  They were consistently excited, happy, playful, and kind, which made for a wonderful experience for everyone.

The Kid’s Lounge

The teen lounge had all the top toys and games: DDR, arcade games, X-Box, and more. There were even a few of the newest sports video games available for the kids to play. One of the newest video game releases even featured some of the kid’s dads as NFL characters! The kids has a ton of fun competing as their dad in the games!

When word got out about the video games, two of the NFL players stopped into the teen room to try them out.  They had a great time using their own ‘character’ to compete against the kids!  

The Teen Lounge

Not only did we have a ton of fun, but we also got to discover some new staff talents.  On Saturday, Alyssa and Imani got to show off their face painting skills, which were unbelievable! It was so great to see the kids get so excited about it, and to learn about this incredible skill that they have!

Overall, we got wonderful feedback from parents. We heard from several parents that their kids were begging to come to the play rooms because they had so much fun.  We also heard from several moms that our babysitting was extremely helpful for them.   They were able to go watch practice, have a quiet cup of coffee, explore Orlando, or have a nice relaxing afternoon. In addition to helping the kids have a great time, it helped make the trip enjoyable for parents as well, which is a big part of why we love doing what we do!

We want to give a huge thanks to the NFL, the players and their families, and all of the staff who made this possible!  We’re especially grateful for the staff that was on the ground: Founder/Managing Director Yvonne, COO Davis, Events Coordinator Assistant Bella, Business Operations Manager Alex, Orlando Regional Manager Kelli, San Francisco Regional Manager Maria, and sitters Imani, Imani R., Alyssa, and Noelis.

Yvonne and Bella

Destination Sitters Event Childcare Link – Official Site of the National Football League

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As the founder and managing director of Destination Sitters, LLC, an entrepreneur for over 35 years, and the mother of two children, I strongly believe that family comes first. Especially when traveling away from home, there is nothing like the peace of mind that comes from getting great professional help to care for your children. I and my partners, along with our office staff, have that one goal in mind with everything we do.

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