New Year’s Eve Resolutions for Kids.

What age do we begin to help with New Year’s resolutions for kids. Many experts on children’s behavior suggest that children 7-12 are often not old enough to have developed habits but are old enough to think about changing behaviors. Making resolutions could also be a good exercise in family cooperation!

First, be a model for your children.  Make resolutions for yourself or the family that you can keep and that make everyone’s lives happier.

Second, be realistic and narrow down “large” resolutions.  So, if your children want to resolve to keep the kitchen spotless, you might narrow that to “I will take my dishes in to the kitchen after I eat.”

Third, be positive in the tone of the resolutions; don’t treat them as “fixing” bad behaviors.

Fourth, while following up is a good idea, don’t nag. Work with them to make resolutions successful.

Fifth, make resolutions together, but let your children have the final word.  

Hopefully, your children (and you) will learn that you can set realistic goals and achieve them.

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