New babies are exciting for just about everyone. While newborns require a lot of attention, it is important to make sure your other children do not feel left out. Older siblings may feel jealous and act out. Include your older children as much as possible in daily activities involving the baby.

There are ways to direct your attention towards all your children, without sacrificing time with your newest addition:

If there are family members or friends coming over to visit the new baby, they will most likely bring a little gift. Have other gifts to give to your other children for times like these. A cheap way to do so is to get little toys from the dollar store.

New babies need to be held a lot, but you can still pay attention to your other children. If you are breastfeeding, sit your other children on your lap and read them a story, which is also good for the baby to hear.

When you are feeding or changing your baby, have your other younger children change or feed a stuffed animal. They can also help you with the baby, but teach them to handle the baby with care.

Although having little assistants may make your tasks take longer, it provides an older child with the chance to interact with the baby in a positive way.Older children often feel left out, too. When your baby is still young, you may miss sports games or other events, so make sure you ask about these activities and make an effort to attend some of them.

Encourage them to help with the baby. They will feel as if they are needed rather than in the way.If your other children are used to having friends over to play, do not change their ways. If you are worried about your baby waking up, create some kind of white noise like a fan or soft music in the baby room.

Continue sending your older child to childcare or school, or whatever their typical daily activity is. You may feel guilty as you will be home with the new baby, but keeping normal routines is helpful for siblings, and you are able to have precious one-on-one time with your baby.

When your older child comes home, plan for some quality family time. 

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