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Jellyfish in a Bottle

Jellyfish in a bottle.

Jellyfish in a bottle is a cheap and easy science project. You can even use a recycled materials.

This fun and simple craft requires:

  • transparent grocery bag
  • water bottle -2 liter
  • thread
  • food coloring
  • scissors
Jellyfish in a bottle arts & craft

How to make your own jellyfish: 

Fill water bottle with water, add a few drops of blue food coloring and shake. Set a side.

Make Jellyfish:

Flatten out the bag and cut the handles off.

Cut along both sides of the bag to make 2 plastic sheets. Using ONE of these sheets, fold the center of it into something that resembles a tiny balloon – this will be the jellyfish head – and tie it with thread. Do not tie it very tight, as you need a small hole to pour some water in the head part later.

The rest of the bag will become tentacles. To do this, cut from the edge up to the head – this does not need to be neat. You’ll have 8-10 of these.

For each of them, cut again into 3-4 small strings, and cut off the remaining part. Trim to make random long and short tentacles. Don’t make to many tentacles or it will not float.

Turn Jellyfish over blow air into hole to fill it up. Add water so head is about half full with water and air. You must leave some air inside so it is able to float up. Twist head tight.

Stuff your jellyfish and tentacles in the bottle and screw on the cap tight.

And voila! Let your children flip the bottle upside down and watch the jellyfish swim around.

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