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Family Travel Apps You Need for Your Next Trip

Finding family travel apps that can actually help you!

We all know that there are tons of family travel apps out there for just about everything. When it comes to traveling, the app options are endless. Finding apps isn’t the hard part – finding apps that can actually help you definitely is. We’ve compiled a list of apps that can actually help you when traveling with your family. While you probably don’t need all of them, there’s at least something on your list that will help make your trip run smoother.

Whether it’s finding a decent bathroom (yes, there IS an app for that), finding food for a gluten-sensitive child, strategizing your race to the next gate, or figuring out whether you actually DO need to pack extra allergy meds for your vacation, these apps can help you do it.

Let us know in the comments which family travel apps you find helpful in the comments:

  1. Trip by SkyScanner (formerly Gogo Bot): Consider this an all inclusive travel information hub. Like an travel assistant, it can help you find hotels, restaurants, activities, entertainment, maps, and even weather updates. It can give you suggestions for just about anything, so you can fill your days with fun adventures! This app is more geared toward major cities, especially in the US, so it’s helpful if you’re visiting top destinations like NYC, LA, Anaheim, or Orlando.
  2. UberFAMILY: It’s exactly what it sounds like – Uber for families. Note that drivers are not required to provide appropriate car-seats/restraints for children, so you need to provide your own. However, these are drivers who will have the room and specs you need to fit the family and set up a car-seat for safe travel.
  3. Triposo: This app is marketed as a “Smart Travel Guide’, and it doesn’t disappoint. As a bonus, it can work offline, so you can download information about your destination beforehand and consult it as you travel. It consolidates information on hotels, events, activities, restaurants, and more from tons of other resources, websites, review pages, and apps, so you can find accurate information for just about anywhere.
  4. HealthyOut: Whether Sam has a gluten allergy, Ry is lactose intolerant, or your spouse decided to go Paleo, you can places to eat that meet your needs.
  5. Rebtel This app is amazing for helping you make the most cost effective calls during international travel. It also does not require WiFi because it operates through local phone lines, meaning that if you’re somewhere without wireless, you can still make the calls you need to make.
  6. Hopper: Flights booking made as cheap, easy, and fluid as possible? Please, and thank you! This app is amazing for finding the cheapest flights by crosschecking tons of resources, so you’re going to find some great deals on flights.
  7. Sit or Squat: Yes, this is what it sounds like – a bathroom app. It tells you where people have found the best bathrooms near your location. Seem like a silly app? Not when your 4 year old has a tiny bladder on a day adventure and needs to go RIGHT NOW. You will be incredibly grateful for this app when the…urge…strikes.
  8. GateGuru: If you need to know where a play area is or only have 10 minutes to make your next connection, this app will be a lifesaver. It can help you find the quickest route through the airport, and tell you where to find food, restaurants, and entertainment for the kids.
  9. RoadNinja: If you’re on the road or just traveling around town, you will be grateful for this app. It can help you quickly ad easily figure out the restaurants, cafes, and fast food along your way. It can tell you what will be at the next exit, and up to 3000 miles away. It’s incredibly helpful for planning breaks and mealtimes, especially if you have strong food preferences in your family.
  10. WeatherBug: Pollen allergies? Poor air quality causes air flare ups? Headaches from barometric pressure? Whatever the weather, this app will help you plan for the weather conditions no matter where you are. It is incredibly comprehensive, but can also zero in on the information you want. If you have kids with asthma, allergies, etc, this is the app that will help you know what you need to know. It’s also a great general weather conditions app, so it will help you plan your day and pack the gear you need for your adventures.

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