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What to do with extra Halloween Candy!

What to do with extra Halloween Candy!

Once your children are done trick-or-treating then what?

What to do with all that candy?

You may be left with pails, or even pillowcases, full of candy! Instead of letting the Halloween extra candy eventually be consumed by your children, or even sneak a few pieces for yourself.

We’ve listed a few ways to put it to good use:

  1. Donate it to a local children hospital or shelter
  2. Give it to Operation Gratitude or Operation Shoebox which will send it to our troops overseas
  3. Donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Ronald McDonald House Charities
  4. Buy-back.  Some local dentists buy back candy from children for a prize
  5. Bake with it!  Save it and use it for the recipe below during the month of November during Thanksgiving.
  6. Decorate gingerbread houses in December
  7. Give it to Military or First Responders
  8. Freeze it and save it for later
  9. Add it to gifts
  10. Bring it to the office

All are very good ideas to do with your Halloween extra candy.

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