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Best Baby Traveling Gear this Holiday Season

Best Baby Traveling Gear

If you’re among the many parents traveling with a baby this season, you’re probably wondering the best baby traveling gear to bring.  There is so much baby gear out there that it can be overwhelming to make a choice. While no one can tell you exactly what will work for you and your family, we have some gear suggestions that might make choosing (and your travels!) a little easier.

Easiest Travel Strollers

Summer Infant Lite 3D Convenience Stroller: With an aluminum frame, this stroller weighs in at 13lbs, and can be opened one handed. It also comes with a shoulder carrying strap and autolock to make transport easy.  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, the deals right are hard to beat with savings around 20-30% on average. This stroller has all the basic necessities: sun visor, storage basket,4 recline positions and a 5 point safety harness.  It lacks a lot of the bells and whistles of other strollers, but the price point is definitely budget friendly (around $99.99, lots of discounts out there if you’re willing to look for them!)

Besrey Airplane StrollerFor airline travel, it’s hard to beat the Besrey Airplane Stroller. It is a full-sized stroller that folds down to a compact 22’x 12’ x 11’ with a carrying handle, and weighs at 10.8 lbs. It typically runs around $160, but is suitable for children up to 36 months so you will definitely get bang for your buck. It was specifically designed for airline travels, so in addition to pack-ability, it also includes one handing steering and an easy pedal break.  With swiveling wheels with wheel locks, five-point safety harness, and sun canopy, this stroller has all of the features you would find on your stroller at home.

Omnio Backpack Stroller: If you are the adventurous type, this stroller might be the best fit.  It conveniently folds into a backpack, which is perfect for parents of toddlers – it leaves hands free when they’re ready to walk, and an easy solution when they get tired.  This travel stroller is one of few on the market that has all-terrain omni-directional tires which makes it perfect for the outdoors.  The price point is a pretty big jump from other travel-savvy strollers ($498), but worth the money if the features fit your lifestyle.  At the moment, this stroller only available in the UK and Europe, so you may need to do some digging to find a retailer if you’re in the US.

Travel Cribs

Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib: This is an amazing option for families that travel a lot. It has a side entry which makes for a wonderful play area for toddlers, but also offers a bassinet attachment for infants.  This travel crib will carry you through several stages, and it collapses into a convenient carrying case that is convenient and travel

The Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages is another great option for traveling parents. It has a bassinet for infants, and  ones sleep in a new environment. It folds into a backpack, and includes a changing pad attachment, canopy for soft toys, and has several features that allow for all the transitions from newborn to toddler. At about half the price-point of the Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib, it’s a budget friendly choice for regular travelers.

Travel Baby Gate

Many parents don’t think about having this, but it can make a huge difference. If you’re visiting family, there is a good chance they haven’t thought about baby-proofing a house for quite a while.  If you’re staying in a hotel, this can be extremely helpful as well – it allows you to easily block off areas you  may not want kids solo exploring, such as balconies or bathrooms. 

Safety 1st  Wide Doorways Fabric Baby Gate: This fabric baby gate doesn’t involve any mounting – it simply wedges conveniently into door or hallways. It’s also adjustable, so it will fit a variety of areas. You can purchase this at Walmart for just under $50, which make it an economical choice.

The Navigate Collapsible Baby Gate: This gate is extra wide and adjustable, so it will fit a variety of areas. It is also extra sturdy and easy to adjust, install, and remove, so it is a great choice for high traffic areas. It folds into a convenient carrying case and weighs only 5lbs which makes it perfect for travel. It runs a little higher price point at $80, but may provide a safer and more flexible option for your circumstances.  

Changing Pad

Summer Infant Change Away Portable Changing Kit: This low cost accessory will make your life way easier! It is waterproof, padded, and features extra pockets for easy access to wipes and diapers.  It also costs around $10, so it’s extremely budget friendly.

Luxury Clutch All In One Travel Diaper Changing Pad: This system is really unique in that it doubles as a storage diaper bag. It’s compact, but big enough even for toddlers. It’s incredibly convenient for day trips and travels – it holds the diapers and wipes you need for your flight or car ride so you only need one bag.Waterproof and designed for travel, this is a great grab-and-go product for your holiday travels! You can find it online for around $20, so it’s another budget friendly choice!

We hope this helps you find the best baby traveling gear to make your holiday travels a breeze. All of us at Destination Sitters wish you safe, easy,and fun travels!

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